Tips for Student Storage

Need student storage? We’ve got you covered! A new semester has come and gone, and that means a lot of moving for students. After a few months in an apartment or home, individuals begin to accumulate items, and, whether you’re moving away or staying here in Rexburg, storage can be very helpful! 

Safe-T-Stor offers top quality storage units in Rexburg and Sugar City Idaho. Whether your attending BYUI, Paul Mitchell, or other colleges, we’ve got storage units for you! Give us a call to reserve your storage unit today! Call (208) 356-0190. 

Here are our top 5 tips for student storage! 

Student Storage Rexburg Idaho

5 Tips for Student Storage

1. Take inventory of what you plan to store. 

Organization is the key to good self-storage.  Before you pack, write a list of items that you want to store. Once the items are packed, write a new list about which boxes contain which items. 

2. Label your Boxes

 Label your boxes to correspond with your list. Make sure the items on your list correspond with the items in your boxes. This will help you know where everything is. 

3. Keep Items you’ll need most near the front. 

 If you know you’ll need something in the near future, be sure to pack it near the top of the box and keep that box near the front of your storage unit. This will help you find your stuff when you need it faster! 

4. Go Vertical

Utilize the height of your storage unit to get the biggest bang for your buck. Just make sure that you pack fragile items with lots of bubble rap, and put them on the top. 

5. Use Wooden Pallets

Put wood pallets on the bottom of your storage unit and stack boxes on top of them. This will prevent boxes from getting ruined by water leakage or bugs that enter your storage unit. 

Why Choose us?

We understand that, as a student, you may not need long-term storage. Our contracts are per month so you only have to rent for how long you need. Students are busy and have a lot on their plates. Safe-T-Stor offers easy, secure, online payment so you can pay for your student storage anytime, anywhere. Whether you need a lot or a little bit of storage space, we’ve got you covered. Safe-T-Stor also offers some of the best prices in town! Visit our PRICES page to reserve your storage unit today!